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Popi is a 1969 American comedy-drama film directed by Arthur Hiller. The screenplay by Tina Pine and Lester Pine focuses on a Puerto Rican widower struggling to raise his two young sons in the New York City neighborhood known as Spanish Harlem, and stars Alan Arkin and Rita Moreno.

Popi (TV series)

Popi is an American television series which aired on CBS from January 20, 1976 to August 24, 1976. The show, which ran for eleven episodes, was adapted from the 1969 film of the same name and was one of the first series on American network television to feature a Latino cast and theme. Popi starred actor Héctor Elizondo as a Puerto Rican widower and Edith Diaz.

Usage examples of "popi".

She was either playing with their son, helping him with schoolwork, visiting Popi or squeezing in time to work on one of her inventions.

Although Annie reminded her grandfather that he himself had never stepped his oil-tanned oxfords onto a plane, she knew Popi was right.

Even Popi, who just about raised her, thought she stunk at running a household, being a single mom.

But Popi was the most honest person Annie ever knew-and the most forthright.

But all Popi probably cared about right now was getting a seat near Father McDonough in the church basement so her grandfather could hear the bingo numbers being called out.

Several neighbors skated on the lake to music from the set of outdoor speakers Popi had rigged up.

Their picture- book wedding, strictly military style with saber-carrying airman that had to cost the Grainger family more than Popi had earned in a lifetime.

Maxi was gone and Popi had planned an ice-fishing trip with the winners of the setback tournament who were staying in a cabin near Cloudcroft.

For a fleeting moment she felt worried for Popi, then relaxed as she remembered that Popi was a die- hard New Englander, who was always prepared for a blizzard.

Luckily, Popi always managed to help, and thank God, their son never got anything worse than a cold.

She shoved the brush back into the can, hoping nothing had happened to Maxi or Popi and rushed into the hallway to get it.

Both Popi and Maxi had made it back safely after the roads were plowed yesterday.

She licked the last of the chili from her finger and chose to ignore the knowing look Popi gave her.

Her son could be heard whining to Popi that Maxi thought his father was in the kitchen.

Oh well, Maxi would have to fend for himself, she thought, knowing full well, right about now, Popi would be pouring the little imp a glass of milk and telling him he could only have one cookie before lunch, then serving him three on his dish.