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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Popgun \Pop"gun`\, n. A child's gun; a tube and rammer for shooting pellets, with a popping noise, by compression of air.


n. (alternative spelling of pop gun English)


n. plaything consisting of a toy gun that makes a popping sound

Popgun (comics)

Popgun is a comics anthology series created by Mark Andrew Smith and Joe Keatinge. It was published by American company Image Comics in four volumes, between 2007 and 2010. The driving concept behind Popgun was a mixtape of graphic short stories that cross the borders of all genres. No theme was given to contributors and instead emphasis is placed on diversity of content and the mixing/track order of each volume.

Popgun featured many well-known creators as well as showcased brand-new talent who were not widely known at the time. Many creators debuting in Popgun have since made their mark on the comics industry. Popgun twice won the Harvey Award for best anthology, and won the Eisner Award Best Anthology once.

Usage examples of "popgun".

The Principessa carried twelve four pounders as her main armament, with popguns as stern and bow chasers.

He had one battery of the Natal artillery, with their little seven-pounder popguns, five squadrons of the Imperial Horse, and, in the train which slowly accompanied his advance, half a battalion of the Manchester Regiment.

But the cannon were popguns, firing a 7-pound shell for a short range, and the garrison contained only seven hundred regulars, while the remainder were mostly untrained miners and artisans.

There are but three of them, and if Master Cap yonder knows how to use the popguns he carries in his belt, we may even let them land, and then we shall recover the canoe.

I ought to have told the reader before this that I found, as I suspected, that our innocent-looking Scheherezade was at the bottom of the popgun business.

In short, so useful has that trivial implement proved as a jaw-stopper and a boricide, that I never go to a club or a dinner-party, without wishing the company included our Scheherezade and That Boy with his popgun.

That exercise had carried him all the way through his own brief part in the space battle, while he fired his popgun weaponry and evaded counterblows like a gnat ducking sledgehammers, through the concussions of near-misses and the shriek of tortured metal, and into an aftermath of dazed, confused bemusement that he did not seem to be dead after all.

When we're cruising we stand out like a sore thumb and there's not much our popguns could do against a commerce raider or a good pirate ship.

Double-moon tide and an onshore breeze: if we come in too fast, the masts'll come down on your precious popgun when she grounds her belly.

She also carries two popguns under her skirt and, rumor has it, several straight razors.