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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a pop-up advertisement (=one that suddenly appears on your computer screen when you are looking at a website)
▪ You can buy software that blocks unwanted pop-up advertisements.
▪ For that reason, he rejected pop-up windows.
▪ A pop-up Note Book is also available at any point in the system and Hint Fields for more complex data entry.
▪ All books have patterns for many pop-up designs and No. 2 has pre-cut designs ready to use on card as well as patterns.
▪ For that reason, he rejected pop-up windows.
▪ Men pop up like, well, pop-up men.
▪ Robert Sabuda is fast gaining a reputation as a master of the art of making intricate and appealing pop-up books.
▪ I think this is because the pop-up is much more noticeable and less selective.
▪ The final pop-up is a wire sculpture which, with a small battery, becomes a game to test dexterity.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

from 1906 as a type of baseball hit; from pop (v.) + up (adv.). As an adjective from 1934 (of a children's book, later toasters, etc.).


a. 1 coming into view suddenly from a concealed position 2 opening out to form a three-dimensional structure when the page of a book is opened n. 1 Something that pop up. 2 A pop-up advertisement; an advertisement that is triggered to appear on a computer screen when an internet user accesses a particular web page. 3 (context baseball English) A ball that has been hit to a considerable height above the infield or the shallow outfield; a pop fly. 4 A folded paper element that forms a three-dimensional structure when a folded paper product, such as a book or greeting card, is opened. 5 A temporary restaurant.

Usage examples of "pop-up".

A mouse-over pop-up transliteration has been provided for words containing a yogh, e.

His desk, unlike the others in the antrum, thrown together and wobbly, was an elaborate sectional apparatus with automatic drawers, a pop-up typewriter, modular shelving and a built-in pencil sharpener that operated on batteries.

A combat vehicle like an outsized, lightly armored jeep, a hummer could carry quite a sting, up to and including pop-up launchers for TOW or Hellfire antitank missiles meant to take out much tougher targets than Mobile One.

Alley test range, a five-acre simulated town of pop-up targets, seemed to Fagin like not much more than a parlor trick.

Had a wire been inadvertently tripped in the dreaded father-daughter territory, or had Jessie plunged haplessly down the rabbit hole of their life together, into the true history hidden away in these unexplored tunnels and warrens beneath the daily chitchat, the habitual sex -- the subterranean lair of the wily human relationship: a dark maze of pop-up demons, fun house mirrors, spooky dead ends, multiple false bottoms.

This is what I think art in the 20th century has unconsciously been striving for, ever since jazz and cubism and throughout the evolution of 12-tone row, abstract expressionism, rock'n'roll, pop-up virtual reality -- all of these schools of art and technological innovations in the art-making process are setting us up to be able to see what we mean at some point in the future.

There were two pop-ups and a meek ground ball, and suddenly it was the Icebreakers’.

Bart was in a silly mood, and he hit all kinds of funny balls to the kids: high, high pop-ups, bouncing ground balls, stuff like that.

A big spire of rock where the Martians have a pop-up cannon which is chopping up the patrol, Johny Ray saving his last breath to pull the cable on the backpack nuke he's wearing.

The white woman on the bed had opened her eyes, and was staring at them, and in an instant the room and the bed and the boy and the tinker's wife had folded up like figures in a child's pop-up book, and shrunk out of sight, a rectangle of patterned darkness flying in the wind.

It's a very neat and sexy program with all sorts of pop-up menus and things, and the advantage of doing it the way I have is that on any future occasion on which I need to know the volume of a megapode nest, given its basic dimensions, my computer will give me the answer in less than a second, which is a wonderful saving of time.

Only a few hundred overnighters remained, staking down pop-up tents, laying out bedrolls, and completing the nightly cleanup.

KD referred to Known Distance whereas pop-ups were automatic targets that "popped up" when the shooter was ready to fire then fell down if hit.

There was a pistol and sub-gun range installed already, with another for pop-ups underway to the side.

The construction crew is in pop-ups on the north side - we'll take over that space for staff when they've moved out.