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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And if a pooch gets a little paunchy with all this pampering then put him on a health kick.
▪ If you mooch round the block with the pooch, do it by power walking in the park.
▪ In snow or rain, wind or sleet, we're out there walking our pooches.
▪ So far, 57 of these pooches found owners.
▪ Taking on a pooch from an animal shelter brings traumas of many kinds.
▪ The canine perfume for that problem pooch.
▪ We did think of bringing a pooch along to follow the bride, dressed as a bridesmaid.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"dog," 1924, American English, of unknown origin.


n. 1 (context slang English) A dog 2 A dog of mixed breed, a mongrel 3 A bulge, an enlarged part 4 A distended or swelled condition. vb. To distend, to swell or extend beyond normal limits; usually used with (term out English).


n. informal terms for dogs [syn: doggie, doggy, barker, bow-wow]


v. round one's lips as if intending to kiss [syn: pooch out]


Pooch can refer to:

  • A colloquial term for " dog"
  • Project POOCH, a rehabilitation program pairing dogs with incarcerated juveniles
  • Pooch punt, a kick in American football
  • Pooch Café, a webcomic
  • Pooch Hall, a track and field athlete
  • Satchel Pooch, a character in the comic Get Fuzzy
  • A nickname for the GE P30CH locomotive
  • The Pooch, a 1932 Our Gang short
  • Pooch the Pup, an anthropomorphic dog by Walter Lantz

Usage examples of "pooch".

We were loaded into the elevator, and I saw Pooch come on, cuffed to a grizzled veteran of the penal system, busily picking his nose and scratching at his denim shirt.

He had probably asked Pooch for the honor of asking me, and had muffed it.

He was still Pooch, with the thin white face and the dark hollows in his cheeks, and the oily curly hair and the bits of anthracite for eyes.

And finally, I believe that you had better get back to studying your preflight, flight, and postflight checklists before you get the biggest chance of your life to really, and I mean really, screw the pooch!

Now Pooch motioned him to shut his mouth, and the Prez leaned in toward me.

Pooch was there with his drag, a girl alternately called Goofball and Mary.

Professor D says if a guy is looking for a hunting dog he does not pick a Pekingese pooch, but he gets a dog that is bred to hunt from away back yonder, and if he is after a game chicken he does not take a Plymouth Rock out of the backyard.

Sleeping on it wet had flattened the right side, pooched the left into a demi-pompadour.

Slidell pooched out his cheeks and wagged his head, like one of those dogs in an auto rear window.

So she just dropped her head on her arm, and her other hand casually on her hip, so that it kind of covered how she pooched at the stomach.

Pomeranian pooches, or maybe French poodles, and guys with whiskers, and nightclub entertainers, and I do not know what all else.

At which point they’d realize that the cumulative clock-delay he’d bodged into the Lord Vanek’s fourspace guidance system had screwed the pooch, completely buggering their plan to sneak up on the Festival via a spacelike trajectory.

Our ancestors apparently domesticated them, breeding out the fierceness, breeding in companionability, eventually turning the Ice Age Canis lupus pallipes into Canis familiaris, the modern pooch with its 300 sundry breeds.

The Spanish Lottery, the Jamaican Handkerchief, the Priceless Pooch, and Put and Take, the Gold Brick, the Pigeon Drop.

Joey had also strapped a bandoleer of plastic bullets around the pooch, plus a holster containing a futuristic-looking plastic gun.