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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Anna always used to say poo pie when she was little and didn't like her food.
▪ So's poo, think I, but what can I do?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also pooh, baby-talk for "excrement," 1950s (see poop (n.2)).


interj. (context colloquial euphemistic English) Expression of displeasure or failure; shit! n. 1 (context countable colloquial often childish English) excrement; faecal matter. 2 (context uncountable slang English) Marijuana resin. 3 (context uncountable slang English) champagne vb. (context colloquial often childish English) To defecate.


Poo is a colloquialism for feces.

Poo may also refer to:

Poo (surname)

Poo is the surname of:

  • Ai-jen Poo (born 1974), American activist
  • Fernão do Pó, 15th century Portuguese navigator and explorer also known as Fernando Poo
  • Karin Sham Poo (born 1943), the first female Senior Vice President of banking in Norway
  • Sam Poo, a Chinese bushranger in Australia, active in New South Wales during 1865
Poo (Cabrales)

Poo is one of nine parishes in Cabrales, a municipality of the autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

It has an area of 10.28 km², and a population of 163 ( 2015) all in the same settement. Poo is found some 158 meters above sea level. It lies 1.5 km from Carreña, the capital of Cabrales.

Poo (film)

Poo is a Tamil language film directed by Sasi, based on the short story Veyilodu Poi written by Thamizh Selvan. The film produced by Moser Baer and Nesagee Cinemas, featured Srikanth and Parvathy in the lead roles. The film released in November 2008 to widespread critical acclaim, winning awards in international and regional film ceremonies.

Usage examples of "poo".

Fernando Poo and find out the real politics of this Tequilla y Mota bloke and if he is Red overthrow him before the Yanks blow up the world?

Our plans now center on a Captain Ernesto Tequila y Mota, one of the few Caucasians left on Fernando Poo.

He is supposed to go to the piddly diddly department and poo parlor division in the laundry room.

Mama Sutra added, was a fake church in Santa Isobel on the island of Fernando Poo.

Fernando Poo and find out the real politics of this Tequilla y Mota bloke and if he is Red overthrow him before the Yanks blow up the world?

And the smell of their poo was like the smell inside the gerbil cage at school when we had gerbils, and when they ran their legs were so long it looked like they were running in slow motion.

The world nearly went to war over the Fernando Poo coup, but the Illuminati had a countercoup in reserve and that resolved the problem satisfactorily.

And of Mount Vesulus in special, Where as the Poo out of a welle smal Taketh his firste spryngyng and his sours, That estward ay encresseth in his cours To Emeleward, to Ferrare, and Venyse.

And 6 people went to the toilet but they didn't do poos that I could smell, which was good.

And he did three little poos under the sink and I picked them up and flushed them down the toilet and then I got back into the bath again because it was warm and nice.