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n. 1 (context cocktail English) An American alcoholic drink containing vodka and pomegranate juice. 2 (context Australia New Zealand sometimes pejorative English) An Englishman, a Briton; a person of British descent.


n. a disparaging term for English immigrants to Australia or New Zealand [syn: pommy]


POM, Pom, POm or pom may refer to:

Pom (comics)

Jozef Van Hove, better known as Pom, (b. Berchem, 16 November 1919 - 2 May 2014) was a Belgian comics writer and artist, mainly known for the comic strip Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber published in Gazet van Antwerpen. Pom was one of the best known Flemish comics authors of the 1950s. Between 1955 and 1995, 45 comic books were published of his newspaper comic strip. In 2010, a new album of Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber was created by Tom Bouden, with the collaboration of Luc Cromheecke, , , Martin Lodewijk, , Willy Linthout, , , , Michael Vincent, , Marc Legendre, and .

Usage examples of "pom".

A second Pom swooped in out of the murk, his wake catching Carmen and starting her spinning.

It was becoming increasingly hard for Carmen to maintain her old image of the Poms as gentle, guileless creatures.

Of those, the most interesting was that of the Poms, sea-going creatures that sounded something like dolphins equipped with manipulative tentacles.

To assemble the people took far longer, even with the speed and tirelessness Poms prided themselves on.

Prime Male insisted, swimming a convoluted path among the assembled Poms as he assessed popular agreement with his point of view.

The Poms and Rooshrike can patrol further out, and of course will keep an eye on the approaches through their respective territories.

Aside from their spacecraft, the Poms supposedly built little if anything requiring great structural strength.

Two of the three Poms fell into formation beside her, the third disappearing somewhere hack toward the stern.

Two of the three Poms fell into formation beside her, the third disappearing somewhere back toward the stern.

Pom home world the news went out as a rippling series of sonar waves, amplified at thousands of strategic points along their journey until they reached every reef and wavetop of the mighty ocean.

He developed antipodean-type resentment and began to speak of the reactionary conduct of pom policemen.

I asked him if he would ring up a powerful bookmaking friend of his and ask him the pr 'He says Charlie Boston has been trying to lay off about fifty thousand on Tiddely Pom since yesterday afternoon.

My quarry this time was a farmer who had bred gold dust in his fields in the shape of Tiddely Pom, ante-post favourite for the Lamplighter Gold Cup.

She's reputed to have shot an unlucky mugger, two looters, a discourteous doorman, and a Lhasa apso with carnal intentions regarding her Pom.

The way he saw it, the handicapper had been suffering from semi-blindness and mental blocks to put Tiddely Pom into the weights at ten stone seven, and all punters who didn't jump on the bandwagon instantly needed to be wet nursed.