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Pollet is a surname. People named Pollet include:

  • David Pollet (born 1988), Belgian footballer
  • Eugène Pollet (1886-?), French gymnast
  • Gerry Pollet, American lawyer and politician
  • Howie Pollet (1921-1974), American baseball player
  • Jacques Pollet (1922-1997), French automobile racer
  • Jean-Daniel Pollet (1936-2004), French film director and screenwriter
  • Joseph Pollet (1897–1979), American painter
  • Ludovic Pollet (born 1970), French former footballer and current coach
  • Marianne Ehrenström (1773-1867), née Pollet, Swedish writer, singer, painter, pianist, memorialist, principal and lady-in-waiting
  • Abel Pollet French gangster and murderer. Leader, with his brother Auguste, of the Pollet gang, four of whose members, including Abel and Auguste, were beheaded in January 1909, as convicted murderers, thus reinstituting the death penalty in France.

Usage examples of "pollet".

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