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pollen grains

n. (pollen grain English)

Usage examples of "pollen grains".

We have also seen that the delicate coats of pollen grains are not dissolved by the secretion.

He wants the harebell pollen grains as part of a bargain, it is true, but the insistence that I must accompany their delivery seems out of place.

When flowering is at its peak, millions of pollen grains are released and many more flowers will open after the limbs are collected.

It grows in wet or marshy places, varying in different districts in the comparative lengths of stamens and styles, colour of flowers and pollen grains.

Only the pollen grains that the coroner found in the slain man's hair indicated that they had ever existed.

The searchers had inflammations of their respiratory systems, and with the new scanning creatures, we discovered pollen grains.

Puffer-balls and games on the hillside, and skeins of pollen on the flood, pollen grains or skeins of stars.

Trillby said: We have reason to believe that all the so-called drifters are pollen grains from a single adult plant if those terms have any meaning.

Sensing that she wanted to follow the action, JonVon slowed the encounter as Halley Core scattered the tiny lifeboats like pollen grains and sped on toward closest passage.

We all, even Huphu, stared for a long time-even after the man thanked us again, turned around, and closed the door behind him, leaving us alone with our only company millions of stars, like pollen grains scattered on a shimmering ocean, stretching over our heads.

She found a windowless room with mediatronic walls that borebewildering collage of images: flowers, details of Europeanand Shinto temples, Chinese landscape art, magnifiedof insects and pollen grains, many-armed Indian goddesses,and moons of the solar system, abstract patterns from theworld, graphs of mathematical equations, head shots ofmale and female.