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a. Towards the pole of a planet adv. Towards the pole of a planet

Usage examples of "poleward".

Fellsheh, well to the poleward of here has used four of its eight shots.

To the north, the direction we were more or less heading, the sky remained noticeably light: a mere few hundred kilometers poleward, the sun still shone.

Antarctica was moving north, dragging the whole crust of the planet with it to the accompaniment of quakes and typhoons and rivers of lava, forcing new mountains up where the skin was compressed as areas moved poleward, opening vast new chasms where the lithosphere was stretched to span the increasing planetary circumference of equatorial regions.

Northerly winds swept the upper half of the globe, bearing poleward, then swerving toward the west to make the occasional mild tornado.

The strength of the sun was turned against itself, so that all these activities, flares, prominences, and sunspots, were defeated, and turbulence in the energy flow was deflected poleward, away from the plane of the ecliptic, where human civilization was gathered.

Attaining the region of the tropical current, this drift water from the poles gradually rises, to take the place of that which goes poleward, becomes warm, and again starts on its surface journey toward the arctic and antarctic regions.

We frequently have to go up or polewards and, whenever we do, the Coriolis effect must be taken into account.

The small monorail coach that took them polewards seemed constantly to be sliding leftwards and his entrails seemed to be doing the same.