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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pole \Pole\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Poled; p. pr. & vb. n. Poling.]

  1. To furnish with poles for support; as, to pole beans or hops.

  2. To convey on poles; as, to pole hay into a barn.

  3. To impel by a pole or poles, as a boat.

  4. To stir, as molten glass, with a pole.


vb. (en-past of: pole)

Usage examples of "poled".

Then, suddenly, there slid from under the Bridge of Kisses a bateau heaped with rutabagas and mangelwurzels, poled along by a solitary muzhik, and the ice crackled and broke as the boat plowed through it.

He poled up it, and the boat promptly bumped into something: a sunken log.

Tom and Sally poled upstream, following winding side channels and keeping a strict policy of silence.

Pingo remained in front, hacking them down with his machete while Chori poled from the back.

He poled with his spear shaft, not to test the depth but to push the boat forward.

From this glided out a punt poled like mad by a Spaniard racing to reach the platform first.

Huy took up a long pole from the deck and, standing in the stern, he poled them across the lagoon to the beach of dazzling white sand.

As he poled the skiff silently and smoothly over the still waters of the lake the words tumbled about in his mind, like wind-blown leaves, then they began to fall into patterns and the song was born.

As Huy poled the skiff around the point of the island, and they cleared the reed banks, they saw the galley lying at anchor in the bay.