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alt. A close quarter combat weapon with the main fighting part of the weapon placed on the end of a long shaft, typically of wood. n. A close quarter combat weapon with the main fighting part of the weapon placed on the end of a long shaft, typically of wood.

Usage examples of "polearm".

One woman dropped her polearm to scale the portcullis, but a sergeant yanked her back to earth, pointed to the down-jutting spikes that ringed the battlements to hinder climbers.

But as soon as a polearm extended over the shield wall, the shield dwarves would reach up with their axes and hook it, immobilizing weapon and wielder and leaving both open to a counter-stroke by the axe dwarves.

Rodoard wore a very serviceable short sword, and before him on the brocade-covered arms of his throne was a short-hafted polearm whose heavy blade was sharpened on the inner curve.

Any other polearm would have snapped under the impact and rotted away a moment later, but the power of the wilderness filled the century stalk.

The first stepped in front of her, his polearm held across his body like a staff.

Most wore shells of living vonduun crab armor, and all carried the ubiquitous Yuuzhan Vong amphistaff, a serpent that could change on command into a cudgel, razor-sharp polearm, or poison-fanged whip.

The talk was of war: battles and encounters, siege and assault, tactics for polearms and blades.

Men, tents, fires, polearms and lances stuck upright in the snow, stacks of pikes, horses, and wagons all flashed by in a blur.

Soldiers in ornate uniforms with gold-trimmed white shirts and red tunics, and carrying polearms, patrolled each side of the river.

Roman was ushered through an anteroom in which sat and stood more than a score of armed and armored guards, their polearms leaning against the walls within easy reach, their relaxed awareness stamping them as the veterans or professionals they most surely were.

By the time they slashed the air with polearms and swords, their quarry had risen out of reach, though Byron pulled his toes up.

The town street was packed with commoners armed with polearms and hayrakes and brushhooks.

Nantuko warriors stood before the gate, their stone-bladed polearms held across their chests.

As they moved, they held their polearms in front of the old man and politely tried to explain that he had not yet been announced.

There were a vast host of Highlanders, lean as whiter wolves, unshod and barelegged in the cold mud, dirty, disheveled, usually bearded and armed only with dirks, cowhide targets, and a miscellany of archaic polearms.