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Pola may refer to:

POLA (acronyms):
  • Principle of least astonishment, in human–computer interaction
  • Principle of least authority, in computer security
  • Port of London Authority, more often referred to as PLA.
  • POLA, a German factory of plastic model kits for model railroad, since 1997 owned by Faller

In Poland and other countries in the north of Europe, Pola is a diminutive of the name Apolonia. It is also used as a different name.

  • Adrián Alonso Pereira (born 1988), a Spanish futsal player commonly known as Pola
  • House of Pola, an Italian noble family
  • Pola Alonso (1923–2004), an Argentine actress
  • Pola Brändle (born 1980), a German artist and photographer
  • Pola Gauguin (1883–1961), a Danish painter
  • Pola Gojawiczyńska (1896–1963), a Polish writer
  • Pola Illéry (born 1908), a Romanian actress
  • Pola Kinski (born 1952), a German actress
  • Pola Negri (1897–1987), a Polish actress
  • Pola Oloixarac, an Argentine writer
  • Pola Raksa (born 1941), a Polish actress and singer
  • Pola Uddin, Baroness Uddin (born 1959), a British politician
  • Spike Pola (1914–2012), Australian rules footballer
  • Pola, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in south Poland
  • Pola, Oriental Mindoro, a municipality in the Philippines
  • Pola, Russia, a rural locality in Novgorod Oblast, Russia
  • Pola River, a river in Russia
  • Pola de Allande, a town and a parish in Allande, a municipality within the province of Asturias, in northern Spain
  • Italian name for Pula, the largest city in Istria, Croatia
  • Santa Pola, a town in Spain
  • Pola de Siero, a town in Asturias
Other uses:
  • Italian cruiser Pola, World War II Italian warship
  • Pola Flotilla, an Imperial Germany Navy formation of the First World War
  • polA, the bacterial gene encoding DNA polymerase I
  • Pola (festival), a bull-centered festival in India
  • Pola (skipper), a genus of skippers in the family Hesperlidae
  • Pola X, a 1999 French film
  • Pola's March, a 2001 documentary film
Pola (Italian province)

Pola (Italian province) or Province of Pola (in Italian "Provincia di Pola") was a province of the Kingdom of Italy created after WWI, that officially existed from 1923 until 1947. The capital ("Capoluogo" in Italian) was Pola.

Pola (skipper)

Pola is a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae.

Pola (festival)

Pola is a bull-worshipping festival celebrated by farmers mainly in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. On the day of Pola, the farmers decorate and worship their bulls. Pola falls on the day of the Pithori Amavasya (the new moon day) in the month of Shravana (usually in August).

Pola (Buenos Aires Premetro)

Pola is a station on the Buenos Aires Premetro. After this station, the line branches off into two routes to its two southerly terminals. It was opened on 7 November 2006. The station is located in the Barrio of Villa Lugano, near a large social housing complex.