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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
cramped/poky (=too small and not comfortable)
▪ She spends most days shut up in a poky flat looking after her disabled Mum.
▪ Carpenters worked in the hallway, men with close-cropped hair and poky drawls, calling to each other under the steam ducts.
▪ Is it a harmful geographic stereotype to suggest that southerners are a little bit poky?
▪ Never again would anyone offer her an iron bed in a dark poky little room.
▪ She explains a lot about Washington in general and our poky political metabolism in particular.
▪ She would have to move back into that horrible poky little hotel.
▪ They weren't poky, they were cosy, crammed with our toys.
▪ We used to live in this poky flat in the middle of London when I was very little.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Poky \Pok"y\, a. [Written also pokey.]

  1. Confined; cramped. [Prov. Eng.]

  2. Dull; tedious; uninteresting. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also pokey, 1828, "confined, pinched, shabby," later (1856) "slow, dull;" from varied senses of poke (v.) + -y (2). Also see poke (n.3). Related: Pokily; pokiness.


Etymology 1 n. A gambling device based on the card game poker Etymology 2

a. slow Etymology 3

a. (context of a room or other enclosed space English) small and cramped n. (context slang English) jail

  1. adj. wasting time [syn: dilatory, laggard, pokey]

  2. small and remote and insignificant; "a jerkwater college"; "passed a series of poky little one-horse towns" [syn: jerkwater, one-horse, pokey]

  3. [also: pokiest, pokier]

Usage examples of "poky".

Pokier helped in working out the Halbmodelle solution: bisecting the model lengthwise and mounting it flat-side to the wall of the test chamber, bringing the tubes through that way to all the manometers outside.

Once again it was the influence of Liebig, the great professor of chemistry on whose name-street in Munich Pokier lived while he attended the T.

Pokier could ever have imagined, it seemed many nights to be purely music, his consciousness moving through the soundscape at bay, observing, compliant, still precariously safe, but not for long.

A cottage in some small town or village would cost far less than even the pokiest of flats in London, and she could surely find a job--anything that would bring in enough to feed and clothe her!

The Coburg Social Parlours, when once we had passed the poky little foyer, were brightly lit and crowded with noisy people, all of whom were sitting at tables for four, on which were glasses of beer.

We had dinner in Kensington in a poky little two-room place where the menu is as big as a newspaper and everything that can be flambe is flambe.

Naturally, he told himself, the pokier commercial craft would be nowhere near as luxurious as the shuttle carried by Malaika's yacht, the Gloryhole.