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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Poke \Poke\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Poked; p. pr. & vb. n. Poking.] [Cf. LG. poken to prick, pierce, thrust, pok a dagger, knife, D. pook, G. pocken to beat, also Ir. poc a blow, Gael. puc to push.]

  1. To thrust or push against or into with anything pointed; hence, to stir up; to excite; as, to poke a fire.

    He poked John, and said ``Sleepest thou ?''

  2. To thrust with the horns; to gore.

  3. [From 5th Poke, 3.] To put a poke on; as, to poke an ox.

    To poke fun, to excite fun; to joke; to jest. [Colloq.]

    To poke fun at, to make a butt of; to ridicule. [Colloq.]


vb. (en-past of: poke)

Usage examples of "poked".

An incongruous snub nose poked out of the undergrowth, surmounted by a pair of wide and gentle hazel eyes.

The man poked me roughly in the shoulder, then turned up a broad, grubby palm for the rings.

His callused fingers jabbed my cheeks and poked into my mouth, probing roughly in search of the rings.

Campbell cackled out loud and poked MacNeill in the ribs with his crop.

Nayawenne poked her grand-daughter-in-law and said something, then pointed firmly at the water by our feet.

Now and then, though, the roaming water found a split in a shingle, or a join where the overlapping edges had warped, and drips poked their icy fingers through the roof.

He poked the stone with a large, blunt forefinger, as though checking to ensure that it was real.

Brianna poked her nose over the edge of the mash tub, where Marsali was stirring the fermenting grain of the last smoking.

I had set Brianna to collect cress, while I poked about the trees in search of wood ears and other edible fungi.

Someone behind poked him in the buttock with the point of a knife, and he felt a warm trickle of blood run down his leg.

The warrior with the brand poked it suddenly at the priest, who could not keep from flinching.

Petey poked his head over the stove and lifted the lid, looking at her inquiringly.

Andy Devries, who was seated two rows over from Petey and closer to the front, poked his buddy Marshall and pointed.

Richie had pushed her T-shirt and her bra up over her breasts and her nipples were poked up at him, hard and red in the dark room.

He descended the ladder until his head was all that poked out into the attic.