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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "of Poitou," the region in France.


Poitevin may refer to:

  • From or related to Poitou
  • From or related to the town of Poitiers
  • Poitevin (language), the language spoken in the Poitou
  • Poitevin horse, a breed of draught horse from Poitou, France
  • Poitevine goat, a breed of goat from Western France
  • Poitevin (dog), a breed of hound
Poitevin (dog)

The Poitevin, known as the Chien de Haut-Poitou until 1957, is a breed of dog used in hunting as a scenthound, from the province of Poitou. This predominantly pack hound was created in the 17th century specifically to hunt wolves.

Usage examples of "poitevin".

Belleguise, Martin, Poitevin, Olivier, Veron pere, the wife of Quesdon the wigmaker, be summoned to appear before the court to be interrogated and heard concerning matters arising from the present inquiry, and orders that the decree of arrest against Lapierre and summons against Penautier decreed by the criminal lieutenant shall be carried out.

Bretons and Normans and Provencals and Parisians and a weird little group of Poitevin fanatics.