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blood poisoning
food poisoning
salmonella poisoning
▪ a case of salmonella poisoning
▪ I've been going downhill for several days now. Blood poisoning seems the problem.
▪ She warned him that the dye might come out and that he'd get blood poisoning.
▪ A few days later, Earl Seiguard died of blood poisoning.
▪ The nursery has closed down while environmental health officers try to find the source of the food poisoning.
▪ The food must be properly cooked to ensure the diners don't go down with food poisoning.
▪ A 50g sample of each food item must be kept for 72 hours in case there is an outbreak of food poisoning.
▪ If you're suffering from holiday diarrhoea, you've probably got food poisoning.
▪ His wife rang court officials to say he was ill with food poisoning.
▪ There are three main principles involved in the prevention of food poisoning.
▪ Accident the mushrooms, the lobster. Food poisoning.
▪ More than 20 animals, mostly calves, have died from lead poisoning.
▪ Certain deficiencies, of vitamins or iodine, can be harmful, and there are serious dangers from mercurial or lead poisoning.
▪ Severe lead poisoning is a cause of intellectual impairment.
▪ There is no evidence to suggest that the chimney was capped deliberately to cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
▪ Quite often food that will cause bacterial food poisoning looks and smells perfectly acceptable.
▪ Moreover, death caused by poisoning, the most pre-meditated of all murders, was exempted from liability to capital punishment.
▪ The Consumers Association says some could have caused food poisoning.
▪ More than 20 animals, mostly calves, have died from lead poisoning.
▪ The inquest was told that Mr Jeffrey, who was from Stroud, had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
▪ Five hours later he died of arsenic poisoning.
▪ On no account could Lady Eleanor die of poisoning.
▪ A few days later, Earl Seiguard died of blood poisoning.
▪ The story Unjust Desserts on April 13 describes a Croydon family in which three members died from arsenic poisoning.
▪ A postmortem investigation revealed he'd died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
▪ There was no evidence of poisoning in the death of John Wallace.
▪ As far as Greenpeace is concerned - unless the rot is stopped now rivers like the Severn are doomed to slow death by poisoning.
▪ But the Consumers' Association wants tougher action on food hygiene, to fully protect consumers from the risk of food poisoning.
▪ Food poisoning was suspected and links suggested with mushrooms served at the Green Dragon pub.
▪ Most of what is known about acute aluminium poisoning comes from studying patients treated for kidney failure by dialysis.
▪ Rumours circulate of bombs in New York's subway system, and the poisoning of water wells.
▪ She had fallen ill following a dinner at her son's house and had shown symptoms of arsenic poisoning.
▪ That was what a poisoning was: death by remote control.
▪ This led detectives to conclude that three of the four dead children had suffered potassium poisoning.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Poison \Poi"son\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Poisoned; p. pr. & vb. n. Poisoning.] [Cf. OF. poisonner, F. empoissoner, L. potionare to give to drink. See Poison, n.]

  1. To put poison upon or into; to infect with poison; as, to poison an arrow; to poison food or drink. ``The ingredients of our poisoned chalice.''

  2. To injure or kill by poison; to administer poison to.

    If you poison us, do we not die ?

  3. To taint; to corrupt; to vitiate; as, vice poisons happiness; slander poisoned his mind.

    Whispering tongues can poison truth.


n. 1 The administration of a poison. 2 The state of being poisoned. vb. (present participle of poison English)

  1. n. the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance [syn: toxic condition, intoxication]

  2. the act of giving poison to a person or animal with the intent to kill

Poisoning (disambiguation)

Poisoning is the action of poison.

Poisoning may also refer to:

  • Biological toxicity
    • Toxin
    • Envenomation, when an animal injects its venom through a bite or sting
    • Secondary poisoning
  • Radiation poisoning, a biology concept
  • Catalyst poisoning, a chemistry concept
  • Neutron poison, a nuclear physics concept
  • Poisoning, a classification in Cantonese food
  • Route poisoning, a computer network concept

Usage examples of "poisoning".

By that evening his entire right leg was throbbing like a rotten tooth, and under the skin he could see the telltale red lines of blood poisoning radiating out from the wound, which had only begun to scab over.

Maddox describes a ease of poisoning in a music teacher by the belladonna plaster of a reputable maker.

In 1881 Betancourt spoke of an instance of inherited susceptibility to belladonna, in which the external application of the ointment produced all the symptoms of belladonna poisoning.

Cooper mentions the symptoms of poisoning following the application of extract of belladonna to the scrotum.

Jenner and Lyman also record belladonna poisoning from external applications.

It was a good thing, he thought, that the Altairians were immune to beryllium poisoning.

Molineux poisoning case the cyanide of mercury was administered by way of a similar drug--to wit: BromoSeltzer.

He also thought that hydrocyanic acid poisoning would be easily established during the toxicological investigation.

No Martialist would dream of poisoning his blood and besotting his brain with alcohol in any form.

Two days later, the local newspaper reported that my father had died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by automobile exhaust.

My pulse jumped as I remembered the carbon monoxide poisoning and the maniac who was trying to kill me, and the terror of the footsteps approaching zapped through me like an electrical shock.

Emily seemed to have recovered completely from the carbon monoxide poisoning.

You have a serious breach with your wife, and within forty-eight hours she dies of morphia poisoning.

Constance had gone a long way in poisoning their attitudes toward her, and yet her reputation, it seemed, somewhat overweighed even the words of their mother.

Half a dozen workers at the Mitcham farm were killed on Tuesday, in a poisoning incident wholly unrelated to Rackham Perfumeries, but it meant police enquiries, and where was he at the time?