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Usage examples of "poison-pen".

Poison-Pen was swamped and well-nigh forgotten in that stream of genial commination always poured out from the lips of examinees elect upon examining bodies.

I dug in my pockets and brought out the poison-pen letter that had scared Hopwood, plus the warm love-letter on sun-yellow paper that had lured him down the coast in the first place.

Her reaction to a poison-pen letter would be a shout of laughter and a clinical analysis of the mental state of the writer.

Some friend, she mused, to send her a poison-pen letter like that!

That's the why of your signature rule, to give you boys a chance to spot a poison-pen letter before it goes out.

If poison-pen letters can get to you, you don't deserve any woman's love, let alone Rhoda's.

Wanting to see his wife, when poison-pen letters from home were accusing her of adultery?

Not that either accused the other of writing the poison-pen letters.

The phony charges, the trumped-up smears and lies and vicious poison-pen letters, mailed to Unity without signature.

In a normal culture they are the type of people who write poison-pen letters.