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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pointsman \Points"man\, n.; pl. -men (-men). A man who has charge of railroad points or switches. [Eng.]


n. A man in charge of railroad points or switches.


n. a policeman stationed at an intersection to direct traffic

Usage examples of "pointsman".

Roger circles so as to make with Pointsman a pincer upon the animal, who now stands with paws planted and teeth showing near one of the pieces of rear wall still standing.

Porkyevitch with greatcoat collar up and fur hat down around his ears, their breaths foul with hours-old fish, and what the hell can Pointsman do with this animal?

But in the domain of zero to one, not-something to something, Pointsman can only possess the zero and the one.

With funding available for all manner of radars, magic torpedoes, aircraft and missiles, where was Pointsman in the scheme of things?

And how much of the pretty victim straining against her bonds does Ned Pointsman see in each dog that visits his test stands .

They own everything: Ariadne, the Minotaur, even, Pointsman fears, himself.

Down on the beach, Pointsman fishes a roll of toilet paper, each sheet stenciled property of H.

Book, Pointsman will be alone, in a black field lapsing to isotropy, to the zero, waiting to be last to go.

Is there any hope for further support from Pointsman, now that Porkyevitch and His Fabulous Octopus have done their part?

But Pudding conies out of a different time, and Pointsman has considered this detail too.

But thoughtful Pointsman, anticipating this, has been sending laxative pills with her meals.

Though Pointsman does feel a certain obligation to go relax, there is also, of course, The Crisis.

Since the castrating of Major Marvy, Pointsman has been officially in disgrace.

Out of the corner of his eye, Eslingen thought he saw the woman hide a grin behind the tip of her quill, and schooled himself to follow the pointsman with due decorum.

There was an indistinct mumble in response, which the pointsman seemed to take for permission, and pushed open the door.