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Pointman is a TV movie pilot and TV series on the Prime Time Entertainment Network in 1994 to 1995. The premise is the main character is framed and convicted of fraud while he was an investment banker. Eventually cleared, Constantine 'Connie' Harper helps others while running a coastal resort. The series was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida.

Pointman (user interface)

Pointman is a seated user interface for controlling one's avatar in a 3D virtual environment. It combines head tracking, a gamepad, and sliding foot pedals to provide positional control over many aspects of the avatar's posture. Pointman was developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to support the use of dismounted infantry simulation for USMC training and mission rehearsal. NRL's goal in developing Pointman was to extend the range and precision of actions supported by virtual simulators, to better represent what infantrymen can do.

Usage examples of "pointman".

Decurion McWhirter turned to curse the waste of ammunition, closed his mouth at her silent glare, shrugged, and followed the rest as they jogged down the lane and waited while the pointman dropped to the ground and peered around the corner.

The truth be known, Hammer Schultz thought he was the best pointman in the entire Confederation Marine Corps, perhaps the universe.

Nobody survived as pointman on as many different worlds as he had without being very good at observing native fauna.

Just as he reached the pointman and was checking his GPL, a gunshot rang out and rock splintered in front of him.

Had the pointman watched a bit longer, he would have seen that the column from the south was assuredly no war party.

Ryan would have felt more comfortable with a proper skirmish approach, pausing now and again for the pointman to go on recce.

Her group was to go first, Breanna, the red headed Keith Hunter, and himself as pointman, to check things out before the others came on board.

The pointman hacked while the next man in line waited a few steps behind him, his rifle ready.

Otherwise he was about to become the pointman in an international incident.

The pointman led the line of militiamen and Americans through corridors, along fallen girders, across rows of crates.

The pointman held his position until another soldier scrambled out of the gully.

As they approached the ridge, the pointman went flat and crept forward.

Able Team waited until the blue light of the pointman revealed Lyons flat on his belly, the oval cylinder of the silenced Colt pointing up.

If a pointman on a trail snagged the line, the six-second delay gave time for the next man in the patrol to enter the kill-radius of the grenade.

Ryan could see even the pointmen were holding their position some 120 yards away at the foothills that led to the steep mountain trail where Krysty and the others had gone.