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n. (plural of pointing English)

Usage examples of "pointings".

I asked if there was parallax on the previous solution, for the most common antennae pointings, and if so, what was the convergence point?

It was Renfield himself, with many winks and grimaces and pointings of his thumb, who notified me of the presence of this lookout as soon as I came in through his window.

As I waited, my wolves came now and then to give me dumb report, by howls, and head pointings, and flashing wordless thought.

They talked a lan­guage which seemed composed of vowels and consonants completely alien to any Earth alphabet, but their ges­tures, pointings and nods were understandable.

Sowerberry, after making various remarks outside the door, by no means complimentary to the memory of his mother, looked into the room, and, amidst the jeers and pointings of Noah and Charlotte, ordered him upstairs to his dismal bed.