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pointing out

vb. (present participle of point out English)

pointing out

n. indication by demonstration

Usage examples of "pointing out".

A plane captain clad in a brown shirt had joined Magruder, and was nodding sagely at something Tombstone was pointing out to him.

Tory writers never tired of pointing out that the Duke of Marlborough had made a fortune from his military career.

So those rate hikes go through without anybody ever really pointing out what's going on.

I went there with an introduction to the curator, who spared no trouble in pointing out to me all that was best worth seeing.

The geologist answered their questions, pointing out features on the globe as he did.

We thank Ambalasei for pointing out the truth of our existence, the realities of our lives.

His enemies were not slow in pointing out to the king his minister's frequent visits and great assiduities to a foreign princess, and enlarged upon the fatal effects this new alliance might produce to the monarchy.