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pointer finger

n. index finger

Usage examples of "pointer finger".

He was looking with what seemed great sadness at the parchment, and I could see that his pointer finger, which he had been sliding along the letters to keep his place, had rested on the final words of the runes.

Now the long right arm lifted, with the pointer finger extended like the stinger of some oversized insect.

Nicky's pointer finger was sticking out from his hand at a strange angle.

One of the man's hands rested on the blonde's head, and the other was raised so that a bolt of lightning struck his pointer finger.

He raised his right hand to his mouth and nibbled his pointer finger.

Dave whispered, shoving his glasses upward with his pointer finger.

Bessell smiled and pressed the metal to the tip of her left pointer finger until the white skin there gave to crimson.

With that, he raised his right hand, pushing his pointer finger through the small, burned-out hole.

He pushed his glasses back up with his right pointer finger and shook his head.