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adv. (context obsolete or rare English) point blank

PointBlank (novel)

Pointblank is a science fiction novel by David Sherman and Dan Cragg. It is set in the 25th Century in Sherman and Cragg's StarFist: Force Recon series. Pointblank is the second book in the series after Backshot. It was published on August 29, 2006.

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Pointblank (Transformers)
  1. Redirect List of Autobots#Targetmasters

Usage examples of "pointblank".

The Belle sent a single silent sizzler across the pointblank range, and the Mafioso continued turning into a corkscrew to the sidewalk.

He should have challenged Jim yesterday, asked him pointblank if he wanted to step down.

There had been his refusal pointblank to accept a new plane from Grandy, not to mention the fuss about their wedding plans.

Given the two choices, inconspicuous or ostentatious, I would never hesitate past the natural reaction time for making a pointblank decision.

Therewith, still kneeling upon the deck, he covered the bosom of that shadowy figure pointblank, as he thought, with his pistol, and instantly pulled the trigger.

She saw a Galla, armed with a magazine-loaded rifle, run down a line of wounded, pausing to fire a single shot at pointblank range into each head.

We were sprayed by an automatic weapon from pointblank range, and Edwards lost control of the car.

Presently, a man, in evening dress, with overcoat thrown open, gazed pointblank into her face, and, raising his hat, ranged up beside her.

His right hand was swelling and red as boiled lobster from the two pointblank hits.