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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

disc used in playing a game said to have originated in Hawaii and popular in U.S. during the mid-1990s; said to be from the name of a brand of juice, the bottle caps from it being used to play the game originally.

Pog (drink)

POG is a tropical juice drink created in 1971 by a food product consultant named Mary Soon who worked for Haleakala Dairy on Maui, Hawaii. It consists of a blend of juices from passionfruit, orange, and guava (hence POG).

POG is produced by Meadow Gold Dairy, a subsidiary of Dean Foods.


POG may mean:

  • POG FC (football team)
  • POG (drink), a passion-orange-guava beverage
  • Pogs, a 1990s fad game, as well as the game pieces used in that game
  • One of the two title characters in Pib and Pog, an animated short film made by Aardman Animations

POG is a three letter acronym (or three-letter abbreviation) that may stand for:

  • Pediatric Oncology Group, former U.S. and Canadian clinical trial cooperative group
  • Personnel Other than Grunts, pejorative military slang, also known as "pogue"
  • PHP Object Generator, type of object-relational mapping software
  • Pillars of Garendall, role-playing video game
  • Pittsburgh Organizing Group, former Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based anarchist organization
  • Planogram, visual representations of a store's products or services
  • Point of Grace, all-female Contemporary Christian music group from Arkansas
  • Polyphonic Octave Generator, a modulation pedal for a musical instrument
  • Price of Gold, benchmark for the price of the commodity

Usage examples of "pog".

The pogs, they look at the seat which he was accustomed to take, as much as to ask the same question.

So he come next day, like a good friend, Madame puts blue ribbons on the pogs, and bids them behave nicely--away they go with Federman for the excursion.

Pog yelled as the little group raced across the cobblestones toward the gate.