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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pocky \Pock"y\, a. [Compar. Pockier; superl. Pockiest.] Full of pocks; affected with smallpox or other eruptive disease.
--Bp. Hall.


a. Covered in pock marks; specifically, pox-ridden, syphilitic. (from 14th c.)


is a Japanese snack food produced by Ezaki Glico. Pocky was first sold in 1966, and consists of chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. It was named after the Japanese onomatopoetic word .

The original was followed by almond coatings in 1971, and strawberry coatings in 1977. Today, the product line includes variations as milk, mousse, green tea, honey, banana, cookies and cream, and coconut flavored coatings, and themed products such as "Decorer Pocky", with colorful decorative stripes in the coating, and "Men's Pocky", a dark (bittersweet) chocolate and "mature" version.

Usage examples of "pocky".

The Shadow was depending on Pocky Bender to lead him to the right one before the lanterns of brakemen waved and the freight got under way.

Instead of a sodden corpse robed in black, Pocky found only black emptiness.

Avoiding the swift rush of an electric suburban train, Pocky Bender headed for one of the steel anchorage supports of the viaduct.

Unseen, he began to climb a steel girder alongside the one that Pocky was so desperately climbing.

He slid like a swift, black blot toward the spot where Pocky was approaching.

The gasp of Pocky Bender was muffled by a burst of sibilant laughter from The Shadow.

Hanging by one hand, trying to aim another shot at the beak-nosed face above him, Pocky Bender lost his grip.

The Shadow remembered the signal that Pocky Bender had made with the whistle cord of the switch engine, back in the yards of Chicago.

Dennett with his pocky face and dirty hands and filthy lust revolted her.

The rounded dome stood out on the pocky skin of the surface like the ugly pimple it was.

And I promise I'll comfort my premature old age with the idea that there really is a place somewhere on the pocky face of Mother Earth where people don't kill each other and don't run amok and generally behave like decent people should.