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And she would gain information of the singular nature of the young of the male sex in listening to the wrangle between Lord Fleetwood and Gower Woodseer on the subject of pocket-money for the needs of the Countess Carinthia.

It would have been all very well merely to give her a room and a place at table, but the older ones shook their heads, and said that before long the Baroness Volterra would have to dress her too, and give her pocket-money.

Sunny New South Wales, when, in less time than it takes to write it, the pocket-money given by a self-denying parient to spend on land, is transferred to the keeping of a Chinaman.

Miss Catharine, selecting two pairs, put down a fourpenny-piece, part of her pocket-money, twice the market value of the laces, and tripped over the bridge.

When the other scholars carried their pocket-money to the fruit-sellers and confectioners at the temple-gates, he would buy geese, and, when his mother sent him a handsome sum, young gazelles, to offer to the Gods on the altars.

I have heaps of pocket-money, and I can bring chocolate-creams and ginger-pop and all sorts of good things to the school.

The whole Beninia project was predicated on our being able to process every step of it through Shalmaneser - not just the hardware of it, but the educational programmes, the probable diplomatic crises, the entire economy of the country practically down to the prodgies' pocket-money for half a century from now.