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Usage examples of "pochette".

While we were smoking, over by the fireplace, Pochette came sidling up to us.

King was somewhere back between our rig and his, cussing Pochette to a fare-you-well for having such a rotten layout and making white men pay good money for the privilege of risking their lives and property upon it.

Frosty yelled to Pochette to come and get busy, and went to work on the rig.

Just as we looked, he had come to the end of his bridge, and he and Pochette were taking up the planks behind and extending the platform out in front.

If she could only get to her pochette, she would soon know whether she was right or merely allowing her imagination to run riot.

Just inside the pochette, tucked in beside her handkerchief, she found it.

I smiled back, and would have opened my pochette, except that a young courtier was instantly beside me, holding out his hand for it.

Kawamura drew a cigarette case from her pochette and asked if it was permitted to smoke at such an early stage in an English meal.

Val had conceded to the not-all-black request in her own way, and carried, instead of the more ordinary enamel compactum, a pochette made from the chased silver binding of an old German missal, with three or four large real violets threaded through its solid clasp.

Endicote, but it was still too large to fit into an evening pochette or be carried in the folds of a diaphanous gown.

She peeled the glove from her right hand, stuck it in her pochette, then picked up the gun and thrust it into her muff.