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PMD may refer to:

In government and diplomacy:

  • Pakistan Meteorological Department
  • Performance Management Division, of the Cabinet Office, Government of India
  • Possible Military Dimensions of a nuclear program (specifically that of Iran)

In health:

  • Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease, a central nervous system disorder
  • Pellucid marginal degeneration, a degenerative eye disease

In places:

  • Palmdale, California, mostly in hip-hop culture known as "the PMD"
  • LA/Palmdale Regional Airport (IATA: PMD), a commercial airport in Palmdale, California

In science:

  • p-Menthane-3,8-diol, the largest constituent in an insect repellent derived from the lemon eucalyptus tree
  • Polarization mode dispersion, a form of modal dispersion of light

In technology:

  • Pistolet maszynowy dywersyjny, a 1939 Polish machine pistol design
  • PMD (software), code analyzer for Java
  • PMD 85, 8-bit personal computer produced in Czechoslovakia
  • A 3D model used by MikuMikuDance, an animation software for Vocaloid's singers
  • Photonic Mixer Device
  • Physical Medium Dependent, an Ethernet Layer 1 (PHY) sub-layer
  • PMD (software), named from Programming Mistake Detector
  • The file name extension for Adobe PageMaker documents
  • Pre-metal dielectric, a component of the back end of line stage in integrated circuit fabrication
PMD (software)

PMD is a static Java source code analyzer. It uses rule-sets to define when a piece of source is erroneous. PMD includes a set of built-in rules and supports the ability to write custom rules. Typically, issues reported by PMD are not true errors, but rather inefficient code, i.e. the application could still function properly even if they were not corrected.

While PMD does not officially stand for anything, it has several unofficial names, the most appropriate probably being Programming Mistake Detector.

PMD (rapper)

Parrish J. Smith (born May 13, 1968), better known as PMD (Parrish Mic Doc), is an east coast rapper from Smithtown, Long Island and one-third of EPMD.

PMD, who attended Brentwood High School, currently resides in Bay Shore, New York. He is a member of the rap group EPMD with Erick Sermon and DJ Scratch. He has released three solo albums, 1994's Shade Business, 1996's Business Is Business and 2003's The Awakening. Also, in 2002, he released an album with Japanese hip hop luminary DJ Honda titled Underground Connection. Recently, he has been on tour throughout the US and Europe.