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a. (en-comparative of: plush)

Usage examples of "plusher".

The chairs and sofas were plumper, plusher, more suited to long, comfortable, unbuttoned interludes with a book or a piece of embroidery.

No privileges, and your quarters will be your old room right here, rather than something plusher at the Palace.

After making sure her door was locked, he led her through two doors requiring her card to the other side of the city-block-long building and into much plusher accommodations indeed.

The Manby had a slightly plusher decor, but the rituals would be the same.

He looked up and down the street, then walked briskly toward the somewhat plusher gambling hall there.

It seemed smaller than his own because of the darker colors, but somehow plusher at the same time.

American trains were plusher, faster and equipped with lavatories at a time when Europeans had to hope for either a strong bladder or a short trip, and her city streets were better lit at night.

As he drew closer to his destination, the stalls became plusher, the women prettier.

He avoided the area west of the avenue, where some of the plusher bars and lounges were to be found.