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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a posh/plummy accentBritish Englishinformal (= an upper-class accent)
▪ a tall man with a posh accent
▪ In spite of that plummy voice, she'd make it all right, or his name wasn't Walter Wetherby!
▪ It goes well with Cabernet, offsetting that grape's fruitiness with its plummy taste.
▪ It has some plummy fruit, with sufficient tannin for only £2.74.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plummy \Plum"my\, a. [From Plum.] Of the nature of a plum; desirable; profitable; advantageous. [Colloq.] ``For the sake of getting something plummy.''
--G. Eliot.


a. 1 Of, pertaining to, containing, or characteristic of plums 2 (context informal English) desirable; profitable; advantageous 3 (context of a voice English) rich, mellow and carefully articulated, especially with an upper-class accent

  1. adj. very desirable; "a plummy leading role"

  2. of a voice; affectedly mellow and rich; "the radio announcer's plummy voice"

  3. [also: plummiest, plummier]

Usage examples of "plummy".

English of bygone radio announcers, slightly plummy and too good to be true.

Seventeenth-century London appeared and a plummy British voice began narrating.

Stan in his office and we sat amid the plummy brocades of a room in the Dulcimer House hotel, booked in the name of Petros Corporation.

A fat man put forward an opinion in a voice as plummy as Christmas pudding.

He was naked, blood smeared over plummy bruises, mouth swollen, eyes swollen almost shut, battered, moaning, tugging feebly at the thongs, wrists and ankles raw, purple, swollen.

Then upon the dais he constructed another dais just large enough to hold a curule chair, a good foot taller than the rest of the platform, and faced with a plummy purple marble which had formed the plinth of the statue of Zeus.

Like a black grape, thought Gnaeus Pompey, glossy yet powdered with plummy must.

Each was borne by eight powerfully built men with plummy black skin, clad in cloth-of-gold kilts and wide gold collars, big feet bare.

There was a similar abrasion on the inside of his left wrist, and the sleeve there was stained, plummy, under the moon.

He was gone half an hour and must have shared some conviviality with an old colleague, for there was the plummy odour of slivovitz on his breath.

He was a most impressive figure of a an whose plummy upper-class English accent and classical features belied his Afrikaner origins.

She loved the reds, the deepest, plummiest, earthiest ones, made with the top-quality grapes, Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah, Cinsault, to be drunk with foods like the ripest cheese, foie gras, truffle-stuffed chicken or squab, venison with wild mushrooms, beef ribs and rice.

The characterizations are plummy, the dialogue sharp, and even the ghosts play second fiddle to Mike Noonan and his genuinely anguished midlife crisis.

The remaining twenty percent, such as ourselves, come to chill out thirty-five miles from the nearest phone at a place where you can spend all day reading in a hammock listening to the plummy warbling of Orapendulas, get drunk on rum punches and then go stumble down to the nature trail and moon the electric-eye camera set up by the Wildlife and Conservation Society that snaps flash pictures of jaguars, pumas and coatimundi with alarmed expressions on their faces.

In his fullest, roundest, plummiest courtroom voice, he demanded, "What is the meaning of this?