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Plumer may refer to:

  • Arnold Plumer (1801–1869), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  • B. G. Plumer (1830–1886), an American politician and businessman
  • Daniel L. Plumer (1837–1920), an American politician and businessman
  • Henry Plumer McIlhenny (1910–1986), an American connoisseur of art and antiques, world traveller and socialite
  • Herbert Plumer, 1st Viscount Plumer (1857–1932), a British colonial official and soldier
  • George Plumer (1762–1843), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  • Lincoln Plumer (1875–1928), an American silent film actor
  • Marie-France Plumer (born 1943), a French actress
  • PattiSue Plumer (born 1962), an American retired long-distance runner
  • Polly Plumer, the national high school record holder in the nile
  • Robert Plumer Ward (1765–1846), a British novelist and politician
  • Rose Plumer (1876–1955), an American actress
  • Thomas Plumer (1753–1824), a British judge and politician
  • Thomas Plumer Halsey (1815–1854), a Member of Parliament for Hertfordshire
  • William Plumer (disambiguation)
  • Hanna v. Plumer (1965), a decision by the Supreme Court of the United States

Usage examples of "plumer".

Putting Mafeking for Ladysmith and Plumer for Buller, the situation was not unlike that which had existed in Natal.

With these high-spirited reinforcements and with his own hardy Rhodesians Plumer pushed on, and the two columns reached the hamlet of Masibi Stadt within an hour of each other.

While Plumer and Bethune were following upon the track of De Wet until he left them behind at the Modder, Lyttelton was using the numerous columns which were ready to his hand in effecting a drive up the south-eastern section of the Orange River Colony.

Whilst Bruce Hamilton was operating so successfully in the Ermelo district, several British columns under Plumer, Spens, and Colville were stationed some fifty miles south to prevent the fugitives from getting away into the mountainous country which lies to the north of Wakkerstroom.

This time he recognized it as plumeria, not an uncommon scent in the Hawaiian Islands, but it was the first time Pitt had sensed its presence on a woman.

He felt a back and forth motion as the cord that bound his arms and wrists was cut The aroma of plumeria swept over him like a warm and releasing wave.

She relaxed into the sweet odors of plumeria and frangipani, both lush now in her garden.

While he waited she purchased three fragrant strands: plumeria, tuberose, and pikake.

Fragrant plumeria from lei stands wafted in his direction, riding the breeze.

Daisies and daffodils shared space on a shelf in the bay window between a live plumeria and a square side table with a Tiffany style lamp on it.

The fragrant plumeria with its petals of creamy white and pinkish red.

Some of them caught in low hanging branches of the plumeria tree that towered over their bed, to dangle there like strange ornaments perfectly placed upon some wildly exotic tropical Christmas tree.

The morning light poured through the conservatory windows, illuminating the spectacular spray of Plumeria rubra that Victoria was endeavoring to capture with her watercolors.

Separately, and then as one, he inhaled the perfumes of jasmine, plumeria, and rose.

It was in Hawaii in my front yard, surrounded by flowering plumeria trees.