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PLU can stand for:

  • People Like Us (mockumentary), a British mockumentary
  • People Like Us (musician), the pseudonym of British musician Vicki Bennett
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • the SIL code, a language code, for the Palauan language
  • People Like Us, gay slang denoting homosexual individuals, commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore
    • People Like Us (Singapore) (PLU3), the premiere spokesgroup of Singapore's gay intelligentsia
  • Price Look-Up, a code number found on fruit and vegetables used to identify produce.
  • Poor Law Union, a unit used for local government in the United Kingdom from the 19th century
  • Belo Horizonte/Pampulha - Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport IATA callsign
  • Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Chemical Society
  • Plan Local d'Urbanisme, a French tool for urban planning

Usage examples of "plu".

And now, in this very afternoon, my glories had been climaxed in the chamber of the Council of Captains, in which had taken place the formal presentations and accountings of the victory and its pluder, in which had taken place the commendation of the Council for mh deeds and the awardings of its most coveted accolade, that of worthy captain of Port Kar.