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Crossword clues for ploys


n. (plural of ploy English)

Usage examples of "ploys".

That Markudian had failed was due as much to the Gringg's unshakeable affability as Todd's own determination not to let such ploys develop.

Too many ploys had been cast at her sire on Demeathorn for him to acquiesce so amiably during this past week.

Not for him the petty power ploys that Rhyssa coped with admirably, for he had struggled all his life to manage a quixotic temper.

Dorotea said, well aware of the ploys Tirla could come up with in order to get back to a screen.

As most tots, he had a very short attention span and these ploys worked until he was old enough to understand that his `good mornings' should be limited to his immediate family.

On the other hand, maybe one of the more vigorous Oldtime bronzes with a rider just sufficiently detached from Kylara's ploys, and interested enough in retaining a Leadership, might keep her firmly in line.