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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plower \Plow"er\, Plougher \Plough"er\, n. One who plows; a plowman; a cultivator.


n. One who plows, works land with a plow.


n. a man who plows [syn: plowman, ploughman]

Usage examples of "plower".

Olhado nodded then, and they followed Plower into the young forest until they came to the very place where once Nimbo had taken part in the burning of an ancient mothertree.

I am a young squirt, I am the best plower in Columbia County, New York.

She said that she was a plower who could not afford to miss a single turn of the way.

That's why the plowers had to finish yesterday even though they were dying to stay and coax you into telling another story!

It was also extremely hard work, but while the plowers on the far side of the river had taken the opportunity for a break while they watched the company march by, those on this side all kept their heads down, concentrating on their tasks.