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n. (plural of plot English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: plot)

Usage examples of "plots".

All those concerned in both Bye and Main Plots were arrested in July, held prisoner and tried in the autumn.

Habington had been involved in one of the plots to free Mary Queen of Scots and had spent six years in the Tower as a result.

It was also Waad, involved in the discovery of all the major conspiracies of late Elizabethan and early Jacobean times, who was responsible for the interrogations centring on the Main and Bye Plots of 1603.

I found just such a book deep within the Well of Lost Plots among failed attempts at prose and half-finished epics of such dazzling ineptness that they would never see the light of day.

By the tenth century story usage was so low that we still had enough new plots to last over a thousand years.

I have been moved around the Well of Lost Plots for almost a century now.

Book Operating System that gives us more choice, more plots, more ideas, and more ways in which to work.

No more Well of Lost Plots, no more Generics, no more Council, no more strikes by disgruntled nurseries.

Materials taken from Ajaj indicated that the plot or plots were hatched at or near the Khaldan camp, a terrorist training camp on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

On May 24 alone,counterterrorism officials grappled with reports alleging plots in Yemen and Italy, as well as a report about a cell in Canada that an anonymous caller had claimed might be planning an attack against the United States.

He did not task field offices to try to determine whether any plots were being considered within the United States or to take any action to disrupt any such plots.

The twenty-count indictment was based on a Civil War-era statute aimed at stopping plots to overthrow the government.

By the summer of 1994, Yousef had begun sketching in the rough draft of three plots that would culminate in his return to the United States.

Aida Fariscal, the woman who foiled the Bojinka and pope plots, said that she was certain the FBI got the information.

Defense Intelligence Agency, was just beginning to get a sense of the multilayered terror plots Yousef had spun in the Philippines.