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Plotnikov (feminine: Plotnikova) is a Russian-language occupational surname derived from the occupation of carpenter (plotnik in Russian). Sometimes it may be transliterated as Plotnikoff.

The surname may refer to:

  • Aleksandr Plotnikov
  • Alexey Plotnikov, better known under stage name Lex Plotnikoff, Russian composer and guitar player
  • Andrey Plotnikov
  • Boris Plotnikov
  • Igor Plotnikov
  • Ivan Plotnikov
  • Kirill Plotnikov
  • Nikolai Plotnikov
  • Pavel Plotnikov, Soviet World War II pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Sergei Plotnikov
  • Vadym Plotnikov
  • Valeri Plotnikov
  • William Plotnikov, Russian-Canadian boxer
  • Yevgeni Plotnikov
  • Klavdiya Plotnikova
  • Yelena Plotnikova
  • Irina Plotnikova
  • Jana Plotnikova

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