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Usage examples of "plore".

She would have given anything at that moment, everything, to ex plore its textures with her fingers, her lips.

Chase let his breath go in a and took her face between his hands, counterpoint to his as he took control and plored her mouth.

There was enough Greek in him for him to consider that the gift of her virginity, her purity, was one of the greatest gifts a woman could give to the man she loved, but his cultural heritage from his British father and schooling mocked and even de plored such archaic feelings.

With an im- ploring voice la Gorda added that my sparks would make the approaching creature, whatever it was, retreat.

He stood at the end of the ridge and looked back across it, seeing all the miles he had tramped that day, ex- ploring it, getting to know it, although why he felt he should get to know it, he did not understand.