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Crossword clues for plonks


n. (plural of plonk English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: plonk)

Usage examples of "plonks".

He thumbed through to the section on plonks and unbuttoned his jacket and checked his curdler while he read it.

The magnesium-drum band picked them up into its staccato flurry of plinks and plonks, and the crowd heaved into motion again.

They were there, called plonks, their whither-thither habits described in detail, and their obvious similarities to other aerial life forms discussed.

Randy plonks the console down, then pulls a pad of graph paper out of his coat, whips back the first sheet, which contains the (x,y) scatterplot of Uncle Geoff and Auntie Anne, and notes down the coordinates of the console.

A drop of sweat rolls off the point of his chin and plonks into Waterhouse's coffee.