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Plog may refer to:

  • Anthony Plog (born 1947), American conductor, composer and trumpet player
  • Stephen Plog, archaeologist and anthropologist specializing in pre-Columbian cultures of the American Southwest
  • Plog Island, an island 1.9 km long in Prydz Bay, north of Lake Island and west of Breidnes Peninsula, Vestfold Hills
  • LifeType, a blogging platform, originally developed under the name pLog
  • plog, a Unix command related to the Point-to-Point Protocol daemon
  • Plog, a photo delivery system worked on by scientist Rich Gossweiler
  • Jobst Plog, director (1991–2008) of the broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk
  • a photo blog in photoblogging
  • a specific type of blog referenced from an internet place link (plnkx) with location specific information.

Usage examples of "plog".

Planet Plog, where they operate a counting system based on number nine.

And as for the server logs, all you gave me was a bunch of usernames: plog, agilf, cleth.