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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Anyway, I could go no faster, being the slow-starter, long-distance plodder type.
▪ Character, narrative, plot - only a dogged, dull-witted plodder like Malcolm Lodgebury bothers with that sort of stuff now.
▪ Until now Justin has been an obedient civil servant, content to toe the official line-in short, a plodder.
▪ What makes cognac the international high-flyer, and armagnac the spotty, stay-at-home plodder?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plodder \Plod"der\, n. One who plods; a drudge.


n. 1 One who plods. 2 A person who works slowly, making a great effort with little result.

  1. n. someone who walks in a laborious heavy-footed manner [syn: trudger, slogger]

  2. someone who works slowly and monotonously for long hours [syn: slogger]

  3. someone who moves slowly; "in England they call a slowpoke a slowcoach" [syn: slowpoke, stick-in-the-mud, slowcoach]

Usage examples of "plodder".

The Leonards would not attend them now, but with five such belles as Mesdames Stone, Darling, Davies, Flight, and Plodder, to say nothing of other lesser lights of the garrison galaxy, there was no lack of womanly beauty, only the cavaliers were short.

One is brilliant, a genius who floats above her colleagues like a cirrus cloud, the other is merely a plodder: dogged, determined, competent.

I am usually a planner and a plodder but this one emerged, if you'll pardon the analogy, like a cat coughs up a hairball.

Ten torchbearers, their brands flaring dull gold, the chariot, drawn no longer by Raspar's blacks, but by three ebony plodders dressed up to look the same, and escorting black horses for Darak's men.

But the wagon kept rolling and the plodders kept plodding and the speaker in tongues babbled on: "

Neither of them had a good brain, but they were both persistent, meticulous plodders, invaluable qualities in accountants’ assistants.

His sympathies lay with the plodders who always turned up for lectures and never contradicted him.

The type person I am, which is to say a plodder, go it slow, work the angles, worry it, piss blood over it, even this type person has to start over now and then.