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PLN may refer to:

  • Polish złoty, ISO 4217 currency code
  • Liberal Nationalist Party (Spanish: ), a former political party of Nicaragua
  • National Liberal Party (Panama) (Spanish: ), a political party of Panama
  • National Liberation Party (Costa Rica) (Spanish: ), a political party of Costa Rica
  • Pellston Regional Airport, IATA airport code, a commercial airport in Pellston, Michigan
  • Perusahaan Listrik Negara (English: State Electricity Company), Indonesian government-owned electricity company
  • Power line networking, the use of electrical power lines for data transmission
  • Phospholamban or PLN, a protein that regulates calcium in muscle cells
  • Pln, the abbreviation for the orchid genus Pleione
  • .pln, a file extension used by SilkTest
  • Probabilistic logic network
  • Personal learning network
  • Picton, Lennox and Nueva, a group of three Chilean islands near the southern extreme of South America, disputed by Argentina in the Beagle conflict
  • Port letter and number, a code identifying fishing vessels and other boats printed on the boat