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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1941, imitative. As a noun from 1954. Related: Plinked; plinking.


n. A short, high-pitched sound vb. (context with "out" English) (context colloquial English) To play a song or a portion of a song, usually on a percussion instrument such as a piano.


Plink (PuTTY Link) is a free and open-source ( MIT license) command-line network connection tool similar to UNIX ssh written by Simon Tatham, author of another popular terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application name PuTTY. It is mostly used for automated operations, such as making CVS access a repository on a remote server.

PLINK (genetic tool-set)

PLINK is a free, commonly used, open-source whole genome association analysis toolset designed by Shaun Purcell. The software is designed flexibly to perform a wide range of basic, large-scale genetic analyses.

PLINK currently supports following functionalities:

  • data management;
  • basic statistics;
  • Linkage disequilibrium (LD) calculation;
  • Identity by descent (IBD) and identity by state (IBS) matrix calculation;
  • population stratification;
  • association analysis such as Genome-wide association study for both basic case/control studies and quantitative traits.

Usage examples of "plink".

I could hear the faucet dripping again on the carpet: plink, plink, plink.

Federation expert, a small, usually unexcitable man named Plink, was suddenly ignited by shock.

The screw top to the vial went plinking into the Dumpster, and I winced as I massaged another three drops of blood out of my throbbing finger.

The rain continued in rather desultory fashion, plinking down through the webwork of branches and needles, creating a melancholy sound much like the dreamy breathing of a restless sleeper.

The notes of a shamisen plinked out of the machine while Michiko posed with a closed fan pressed against her cheek.

When it was over, when the last pistol plinked away in the night, when the colonel had smacked enough soldiers in the back of the head and kicked enough behinds to stop them from making asses of themselves in front of foreigners by dissipating their ammunition like unseasoned troops, it was discovered that fifteen of their number had been killed by mutilation.

Shit, it was safer to bodysurf through an ambush than give the enemy a slow-moving target to plink at.

Instead he and his father played number and word games, studied elementary Spanish as an introduction to Latin, plinked out simple programs on the Atari, and laughed and romped until Mommy came in and told her boys to calm down before the roof fell in on them.

The plinking excitement of the bouzoukis caught the audience in its rhythms and joys and shrieks of life.

The Brontë Federation expert, a small, usually unexcitable man named Plink, was suddenly ignited by shock.

Kyle drove to the usual spot, a county dumpsite miles west of the city, and there they gulped down the six-packs while plinking bottles, soda cans, and the occasional hapless rat.

From one cabin some hundred yards above the river came the _plink, plink, plink__ of a tinny banjo, and the sound wafted out over the silent river in such a way as to make the three companions wish they were somewhere else with a good fire at their backs and a rice pudding and beef rib in front of them on a plate.

The Bronte Federation expert, a small, usually unexcitable man named Plink, was suddenly ignited by shock.

He cashes out, and the avalanche of plinking coins makes me flinch.

The Bothan smiled wryly, then plinked a claw off YVH 1-302A's armor.