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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in various usages, from Latin plex-, past participle stem of plectere "to plait" (see complex (adj.)).


n. (context Canada English) A low-rise apartment building.


PLEX or Plex may refer to:

  • PLEX (programming language), a programming language used by Ericsson for their AXE telephone exchange switches since 1970s
  • CA Plex, a multi-platform, model-based, rapid application development tool; originally developed by Synon and marked as Obsydian
  • Plex (software), media center software including a media server, and desktop and mobile clients since 2010
  • Prairie Lindy Exchange, various lindy exchanges in central North America
  • Googolplex, a large number, which has given rise to "n-plex" notation in the names of large numbers
  • Googleplex, corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc.
  • Plant Life Extension of nuclear power plants, the goal of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program
Plex (software)

Plex is a client-server media player system and software suite comprising two main components.

  • The Plex Media Server either running on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD or a NAS which organizes audio (music) and visual (photos and videos) content from personal media libraries and streams it to their player counterparts.
  • The players can either be the Plex Apps available for mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming boxes, or the web UI of the Plex Media Server called Plex Web App, or the old Plex player called Plex Home Theater.

A premium version of the service, called Plex Pass, is also available and offers advanced features like synchronization with mobile devices, access to cloud storage providers, up to date and high quality metadata and matchings for music, multi-users mode, parental controls, access to high quality trailers and extras, wireless synchronization from mobile devices to the server, access to discounts on partner products and early access.

PLEX (programming language)

PLEX (Programming Language for EXchanges) is a special-purpose, pseudo-parallel and event-driven real-time programming language. Dedicated for AXE telephone exchanges, it was developed by Göran Hemdahl at Ericsson. Originally designed in the 1970s, it has been continuously evolving since then. The language has two variants: Plex-C used for the AXE Central Processor (CP) and Plex-M used for Extension Module Regional Processors (EMRP). PLEX was described in 2008 as "a cross between Fortran and a macro assembler."

Usage examples of "plex".

By the time Plex came along, his family were in so deep with the yakuza that low-grade criminality was just a fact of life.

The safety of the table with Plex, the warm anonymity and the promise of a ticket out tomorrow, I remembered standing up and walking away from it all, as if in answer to a siren song.

Foreground, a flushed Plex, dressed to the waist and struggling into a violently psychedelic silk blouse.

I scooped it up and turned in time to catch Plex scrambling for some kind of wall alarm.

For the first time I could remember, Plex seemed to shed his shield of apologetic diffidence.

Recalled with wry humour my own fury at Plex a couple of months back as I stood seeping synthetic body fluids in Tekitomura.

People like Isa and Plex knew fragments, of course, and Radul Segesvar somewhat more.

They brought him in behind Yukio, when Plex told them the preliminary codes checked out.

It does that too, in fact, and Plex was too sloppy with the biocodes to dig any deeper than he did.

I could remember, Plex seemed to shed his shield of apologetic diffidence.

Isa and Plex knew fragments, of course, and Radul Segesvar somewhat more.

People said this part of the plex used to be lined with little two- and three-story houses, brownstones, tenement apartments.

It was about as close to a real panzer as anyone could get in the Newark plex without the local militia calling out the helicopter gunships.

She sometimes found it difficult to believe that any real kami would inhabit a plex like Newark, but even mat was easier to accept than the lectures of the Buddhists.

The presence of the yak muscle meant that the big boys, the real powers in the Newark plex, the ones who had named the club, roust be meeting on the top floor.