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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pleuron \Pleu"ron\, n.; pl. Pleura. [NL., fr. Gr. ? a rib.] (Zo["o]l.)

  1. One of the sides of an animal.

  2. One of the lateral pieces of a somite of an insect.

  3. One of lateral processes of a somite of a crustacean.


Pleuron may refer to:

  • Pleuron, Aetolia, a place in Ancient Greece
  • Pleuron (son of Aetolus), a figure in Greek mythology

In arthropod anatomy, a pleuron (πλευρ-όν, genitive: -οῦ, neutral, in Greek) is a sclerite on the side of the carapace. It may also refer to:

  • Pleuron (crustacean anatomy), the tergum of a crustacean when it overhangs the insertion of the limb on each side as a free plate
  • Pleuron (insect anatomy), the lateral portion of a segment of an insect thorax
Pleuron (insect anatomy)

The pleuron (pl. pleura, from Greek side, rib) is a lateral sclerite of thoracic segment of an insect between the tergum and the sternum. The terms pro-, meso- and metapleuron are used respectively for the pleura of the first, second and third thoracic segments.

Pleuron (son of Aetolus)

In Greek mythology, Pleuron, a son of Aetolus and Pronoe, and brother of Calydon, was married to Xanthippe, daughter of Dorus, by whom he became the father of Agenor, Sterope, Stratonice, and Laophonte. He is said to have founded the town of Pleuron in Aetolia (and apparently was its eponym), but he had also a heroon at Sparta, erected by his great-granddaughter, Queen Leda.

Usage examples of "pleuron".

For Portheus had three noble sons, two of whom, Agrius and Melas, abode in Pleuron and rocky Calydon.

In boxing I overcame Clytomedes son of Enops, and in wrestling, Ancaeus of Pleuron who had come forward against me.

Neptune spoke in the likeness and with the voice of Thoas son of Andraemon who ruled the Aetolians of all Pleuron and high Calydon, and was honoured among his people as though he were a god.