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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plethoric \Ple*thor"ic\, a. [Gr. ?; cf. F. pl['e]thorique.] Haeving a full habit of body; characterized by plethora or excess of blood; as, a plethoric constitution; -- used also metaphorically. ``Plethoric phrases.''
--Sydney Smith. ``Plethoric fullness of thought.''
--De Quincey.


a. 1 (context medicine English) Suffering from plethora; ruddy in complexion, congested or swollen with blood. (from 14th c.) 2 excessive, overabundant, rife; ''loosely'', abundant, varied. (from 17th c.)


adj. excessively abundant [syn: overabundant, rife]

Usage examples of "plethoric".

Thus the state governments were placed in the easy situation of rich annuitants, who had surrendered the control of some political capital in order to enjoy with less care the opportunities of a plethoric income.

In robust, plethoric females the menses are sometimes very tardy in their appearance, and every month the attempt to establish this function is attended with pain in the head, loins, and back, chilliness, nausea, and bloating of the abdomen.

Law speaks of a plethoric woman of thirty who bled freely from the eyes, though menstruating regularly.

The little eyes of the merchant swept the scene quickly, like a bird's, startling in their contrast with the plethoric giganticism of his frame.