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Plessis ( Afrikaans: du Plessis) Plessy, and de Plessis are related surnames of French origin, and may refer to:

A plessis meant a fence made of interwoven branches in Old French.

  • French persons:-
    • Cardinal Richelieu, French statesman and cardinal, born Armand-Jean du Plessis, Seigneur de Richelieu
    • Phillipe de Plessis, French knight and 13th Grand Master of the Knights Templar
    • Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, French statesman
    • Alphonse-Louis du Plessis de Richelieu, French bishop
    • Jacques de Rougé du Plessis-Bellière, French general
    • Suzanne, Marquise du Plessis-Bellière, wife of Jacques and political opponent of Louis XIV
    • Marie Duplessis, French courtesan
    • Gilbert de Choiseul Duplessis Praslin, French bishop
    • Caesar, duc de Choiseul, Marshal of France, born Cæsar Choiseul du Plessis-Praslin
    • Philippe de Mornay, French Protestant writer, also known as Mornay Du Plessis
    • Thomas-Antoine de Mauduit du Plessis, a French officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War
    • Damien Plessis, French footballer
    • Guillaume Plessis, French footballer from Réunion
  • Africans:-
    • Jan du Plessis, British-South African businessman
    • Bismarck du Plessis and Jannie du Plessis, brothers and South African rugby players
    • Koos du Plessis, South African songwriter
    • Corné du Plessis, South African sprinter
    • Christian du Plessis, South African baritone
    • Alicia L. du Plessis, South African photographer
    • Faf du Plessis, a South African cricketer
    • Johannes du Plessis, a South African DRC missionary
    • David du Plessis, a South African Pentecostal minister
    • Tinus du Plessis, a Namibian rugby player
    • Joachim du Plessis, a South African Welfare representative & fundraiser
  • others:-
    • Jerry Duplessis, Haitian record producer
    • John de Plessis, 7th Earl of Warwick
    • Joseph-Octave Plessis, Canadian bishop
    • Homer Plessy, American litigant, plaintiff in the landmark Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision