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Pleš may refer to:

In Croatia:

  • Pleš, Croatia, a village near Bednja

In Serbia:

  • Pleš (Aleksandrovac), a village

In Slovakia:

  • Pleš, Slovakia, a village in Lučenec District

In Slovenia:

  • Pleš, Dolenjske Toplice, a village in the Municipality of Dolenjske Toplice
  • Pleš, Kočevje, a hamlet of Borovec pri Kočevski Reki
  • Pleš, Žužemberk, a village in the Municipality of Žužemberk
Pleš (Aleksandrovac)

Pleš is a village in the municipality of Aleksandrovac, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 403 people.

Usage examples of "ples".

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Ples cover a smile with her gloved hand.

Slowly, she grinned and then, just as Ples had before sending her out to die, Terion began to laugh.

Kneading fingers caressed tem ples, ears, neck and lower, easing tension he didn't realize he was carrying.

The humans' clever imaginations created Unnatural, Unreason ing fears that disrupted the energies within the ley and disturbed Mother's existence, that sent uncontrollable rip ples through the leythium lace and turned her chambers to unpleasant yellows and violent flashes of red.