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n. 1 (context chiefly theology English) A state of perfect fullness, especially of God's being. 2 (context gnosticism English) The spiritual universe seen in terms of the full totality of the powers and essence of God.


Pleroma (Greek ) generally refers to the totality of divine powers. The word means fullness from ("I fill") comparable to πλήρης which means "full", and is used in Christian theological contexts: both in Gnosticism generally, and by St. Paul the Apostle in (the word is used 17 times in the NT).

Pleroma is also used in the general Greek language and is used by the Greek Orthodox church in this general form since the word appears in the book of Colossians. Proponents of the view that Paul was actually a Gnostic, such as Elaine Pagels of Princeton University, view the reference in Colossians as something that was to be interpreted in the Gnostic sense.

Usage examples of "pleroma".

He thumbed the metal disc he held in his palm, and the pleroma music that had been depthing subliminally in the background vanished.

He was going to Ausbok because the eo had broken into the pleroma music of his sleep minutes ago and requested his presence.

Jac fingerstroked a seh-console, evoking pleroma music to drown out Voice.

Among these Gnostic notions the most distinctive and prominent was the belief that the world was created and the Jewish dispensation given, not by the true and infinite God, but by a subordinate and imperfect deity, the absolute God remaining separate from all created things, unknown and afar, in the sufficiency of his aboriginal pleroma or fulness.

The Manichaan Christian, believing the soul to be imprisoned in matter by demons who fought against God in a previous life, struggled, by fasting, thought, prayer, and penance, to rescue the spirit from its fleshly entanglements, from all worldly snares and illusions, that it might be freed from the necessity of any further abode in a material body, and, on the dissolution of its present tabernacle, might soar to its native light in the blissful pleroma of eternal being.

It was the illimitable storehouse or Pleroma, out of which is evolved the endless circle of phenomenal change.

Word became flesh, dwelt with us, and in Him were Pleroma, Truth, Grace, 559-l.