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plenum chamber

n. A pressurised housing.

Plenum chamber

A plenum chamber is a pressurised housing containing a gas or fluid (typically air) at positive pressure (pressure higher than surroundings). One function of the plenum is to equalise pressure for more even distribution, because of irregular supply or demand. A plenum chamber can also work as an acoustic silencer device.

Examples of plenum chambers include those used with:

  • Superchargers
  • Hovercraft
  • Corliss steam engines
  • Raised floors and false ceilings in equipment rooms
  • Some organs (to supplement the bellows)
  • A number of aerophones, such as the bag of bagpipes and the slow air chamber of the Native American flute
  • Plenum Chamber Anesthetic Vaporizers
  • Rocket Motor Combustion Chambers. May have a section near the nozzle that is free of the propellant charge to improve mixing and combustion.

Usage examples of "plenum chamber".

Instead of a plenum chamber and fairings to cool the exhaust, the tailpipes were arranged above a fairing that might shield the worst of the heat signature from a ground observer.

Steuben stood above him by the height of the jeep's plenum chamber.

His left leg had been numb till he dropped from the plenum chamber to the ground.

Ball-shaped vegetation flattened and shivered away from the gale that squirted under the plenum chamber.

Wager grabbed the hatch-just in time, because the tank bucked as that dickhead Holman lifted her on her fans instead of just building pressure in the plenum chamber.

Huber said as he swung his legs out of the fighting compartment and stood for a moment on the bulge of the plenum chamber.

The steel walls of the plenum chamber shrank down on her at once, even though she was awake and knew she lay in a clearing.

The output duct into the plenum chamber was angled for protection from mines, but there was only one coarse grating downstream of the nacelle.

A rigid-walled plenum chamber enclosed the air cushion which supported the massive vehicle.

They in turn raised the pressure in the plenum chamber high enough to support the vehicle's thirty tonnes on ground effect.

Fans fill the plenum chamber, a solid-skirted box under a vehicle, with air under pressure.

Antiprotons and water were squirted into a plenum chamber at a three-to-one mix ratio.