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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Plenish \Plen"ish\, v. t. [See Replenish.]

  1. To replenish. [Obs.]
    --T. Reeve.

  2. To furnish; to stock, as a house or farm. [Scot.]


vb. 1 (context archaic chiefly Scotland English) To fill up, to stock or supply (something). (from 15th c.) 2 (context chiefly Scotland English) Specifically, to stock land or a house (with livestock or furniture). (from 15th c.)

Usage examples of "plenish".

Thereafter as the night aged, they were shown to a sleeping chamber, which albeit not richly decked, or plenished with precious things, was most dainty clean, and sweet smelling, and strewn with flowers, so that the night was sweet to them in a chamber of love.

For though they had abundance of rich plenishing, and gay raiment, and good weapons and armour, howbeit of strange and uncouth fashion, yet he deemed when he looked on them that they would scarce have the souls of men in their bodies, but that they were utterly vile through and through, like the shapes of an evil dream.

I left as muckle gowd lying on Mucklestane-Moor this morning as would plenish the house and stock the Heugh-foot twice ower, and I am certain sure Elshie wadna grudge us the use of it.

Everything must be delivered to Edenwood no later than Thursday noon so that she could plenish the chambers later that day or Friday morning at the latest, in time for any early guests who might arrive Friday evening.

No man ever saw Alison at any market in the countryside, and yet the Skerburnfoot was plenished yearly in all proper order.

I cried to let house and plenishing burn, and follow the reivers to recover Grace, and Earnscliff and his men were ower the Fell within three hours after the deed.

Danielle welcomed the distraction, excused herself and moved towards a waiter with the intention of re plenishing her drink.

For she found the manse rookit and herrit, and there was such a supply of plenishing of all sort wanted, that I thought myself ruined and undone by her care and industry.

The merchant in the Pleasance of Edinburgh had given his son a better plenishing than fell to the usual lot of ministers, for there were pewter plates and a knife and a fork for each guest.

Nest are quiet from hoarseness, I will bid Jock Dodds carry certain plenishing to Paradise.

Ralph, that as goodly as was the fashion of the building of that house, yet the hangings and beds, and stools, and chairs, and other plenishing were no richer or better than might be seen in the hostelry of any good town.

Therewith he brought them into the house, and into a chamber, the plenishing whereof was both scanty and rude.

The arrangement seemed equitable in view of her substantial contribution to the plenishing of the house.